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  • AFRICAphonie
    AFRICAphonie is a Pan African Association which operates on the premise that AFRICA can only be what AFRICANS and their friends want AFRICA to be.
  • bakwerirama
    Spotlight on the Bakweri Society and Culture. The Bakweri are an indigenous African nation.
  • Bate Besong
    Bate Besong, award-winning firebrand poet and playwright.
  • Bernard Fonlon
    Dr Bernard Fonlon was an extraordinary figure who left a large footprint in Cameroonian intellectual, social and political life.
  • Dibussi Tande
    Citizen Journalist
  • Dr Godfrey Tangwa (Rotcod Gobata)
    Renaissance man, philosophy professor, actor and newspaper columnist, Godfrey Tangwa aka Rotcod Gobata touches a wide array of subjects. Always entertaining and eminently readable. Visit for frequent updates.
  • Fonlon-Nichols Award
    Website of the Literary Award established to honor the memory of BERNARD FONLON, the great Cameroonian teacher, writer, poet, and philosopher, who passionately defended human rights in an often oppressive political atmosphere.
  • Francis Nyamnjoh
  • George Ngwane
    George Ngwane is a prominent author, activist and intellectual.
  • Jacob Nguni
    irtuoso guitarist, writer and humorist. Former lead guitarist of Rocafil, led by Prince Nico Mbarga.
  • Martin Jumbam
    The refreshingly, unique, incisive and generally hilarous writings about the foibles of African society and politics by former Cameroon Life Magazine columnist Martin Jumbam.
  • Nowa Omoigui
    Professor of Medicine and interventional cardiologist, Nowa Omoigui is also one of the foremost experts and scholars on the history of the Nigerian Military and the Nigerian Civil War. This site contains many of his writings and comments on military subjects and history.
  • Postwatch (Cameroon)
    A UMI (United Media Incorporated) publication. Specializing in well researched investigative reports, it focuses on the Cameroonian scene, particular issues of interest to the former British Southern Cameroons.
  • R. E. Ekosso
    Rosemary Ekosso, a Cameroonian novelist and blogger who lives and works in Cambodia.
  • The Ilongo Sphere
    Novelist and poet Ilongo Fritz Ngalle, long concealed his artist's wings behind the firm exterior of a University administrator and guidance counsellor. No longer. Enjoy his unique poems and glimpses of upcoming novels and short stories.
  • The Post Online (Cameroon)
    PostNewsLine is an interactive feature of 'The Post', an important newspaper published out of Buea, Cameroons.
  • Up Station Mountain Club
    A no holds barred group blog for all things Cameroonian. "Man no run!"
  • Victor Mbarika ICT Weblog
    Victor Wacham Agwe Mbarika is one of Africa's foremost experts on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Dr. Mbarika's research interests are in the areas of information infrastructure diffusion in developing countries and multimedia learning.
  • Watch France
    Purpose of this advocacy site: To aggregate all available information about French terror, exploitation and manipulation of Africa

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Boniface N.Wewe

Dr. Mbarika!
Congratulations on your site amd outstanding performance/achievement.I work in the information field but as a librarian.I do write books and produce documentaries on African culture south of the sahara at large.My current work is "The Joys of African Sex,Jokes,Courtesies and Idiosyncracies".Kindly check my website that is mentioned above.Since you are in the E-business field, do you have any special advice for a small business like mine? Are there any online programs that can help me with greater visibility of my site and business?
Kindly advise accordingly.
Congrats on the grereta job again!

Most sincerely,

Boniface Ndemping Wewe(Brooklyn,New York)

Francis Gabin Tegou

Congratulation Doctor on your great performance.I'am cameroonian and I believe you can be a great source of inspiration and blessing for me.

Victor Mbarika

Hi Boniface,
Good to read your comments. Thanks for the kind words. Please do extensively consider submitting your site to as many seacrh engines as possible, and paying some little extra money for the search engine to prioritize your website. Remember in e-business your competitor is only a click away. Great business idea, by the way!!!


Peter Ndluvu

Hello Doctor Mbarika,
This note is just to inform you that as a fellow African, I am quite thrilled at your achievements at what seems to be a very tender age. I can only hope and pray that when your generation gets to my age (mid fifties) the return journey to the mother continent would have taken place, or at least there would have been innovative methods of putting the talents of Africa's Diaspora at the service of Africa. God bless.

Peter Ndluvu - Harare, Zimbabwe

Techoro Tah Mba

Dear Victor Mbarika
It was with great interest and excitement that i stumbled on your website as i was carrying out my Msc research.I must congratulate you for all the wanderful works and succeeses that you have registered so far.You make us from Zang Tabi to be so proud of you and I want to thank God for this wanderful gift.Accept my warm congratulations as concern your academic awards and performances and i pray God continue to guide you and your family.
sincerely yours

Techoro Tah Mba
Université de valenciennes
Departement de Télevision
numérique et MultiMedia
Valencienes France

Tina Rhodes

I just wanted to know for such a handsome young man....Are you married yet?

Samba Richard

I am a cameroonian and very much interested in ICT. I work with Union Bank of Cameroonas an MIS. I will be very grateful if you can guard me on how to follow your footsteps in distance learning.I have a BSc. in Physics with a Minor in computer Sciences.


Hi Vic
Your website is very interesting I mush confirm, well I'm interested very much in ICT and I hope meeting you for orientation on what to take as a course. I will be travelling bu July for Virginia and want to start school. I will really need your support (advice)hope you remeber Joe Lakim's friend

Tamiara Wade


You are a great inspiration to me. You epitomize a true research mentor. ICTs and Poverty Reduction in SSA - Here I come!!!!!!!!

Morfaw Damian Zigo

I want to thank you for your efforts in the field of ICTs. ICTs play a very important role in development and the developing countries as a whole and Sub Saharan Africa in particular, which is far behind other regions in the world, must embrace these new trends inorder to survive in the face od a very competitive world. Your efforts cannot be undermined and oncemore, I say thank you.
I am a Cameroonian and an e-government student at Orebro University in Sweden and I intend specialising on e-government for development (Egov4D) and I believe you are already a good example and one whom I could draw inspiration from. Oncemore, thank you very much.

Dr Veyu

Hi Victor, you are doing great indeed. Impressive.

Rhonda L. Lucas

Just wanted to say congratulations on all your success. I am currently teaching full time at Spring Hill College in Mobile. Send me an email when you get a chance and we can discuss some hot topics.

All the best and continued blessings!

Rhonda Lucas

B Atowo

Hi Victor! Congratulations.....I have read alot of your works and quite impressed.
My regards to Irene.

Brendabell Tong

Hi Proff,
This is Brendabell Tong,I did call you on Easter day. I was so pleased storming at your site, I thought it wise to touch base with you. I know you already know this, or must have heard it time and again that you were born to be a Teacher and an inspiration to many. Thank God you follow it through . May the Almighty God continue to bless you abundantly.
Regards, Brendabell .


Hi Prof,Dr,you'r really a genius,i know you've tired of hearing all these praises,am just a hotel receptionist,but i read about you all the time,hopefully i will see you oneday.


Its awesome to see how you inspire a host of people out there. Its impressive to see how much they feel about your works. Its unfortunate that I disagree with them because you have not yet used up to 50% of your potentials. Many may not understand, but I know because I know He who made you and guides you. Allez grand frere


Its awesome to see how you inspire a host of people out there. Its impressive to see how much they feel about your works. Its unfortunate that I disagree with them because you have not yet used up to 50% of your potentials. Many may not understand, but I know because I know He who made you and guides you. Allez grand frere
Eric A.M.Akuta

Joseph Budu

Dear Sir,
I have seen and become very much intrested in attending the upcoming conference in Cameroon. I would like to ask if there is anything you could do in your capacity as conference chairman to help me obtain a visa to the country. I am a Ghanaian with a Ghanaian passport.
Thank you.

Walter Dzmey

Hello Doc.
I just sent you an e-mail on a problem i'm having concerning attending the ICT conference 2010 in cameroon.
Hope you will check it out and give me the feedback.

Divine EWANE

Hi Prof
Your site is amazing .I was directed there by Mr Teke Ngomba. I run a PR agency in Cameroon with focus on Africa. I would like to share some information on ICTs with you.
thank you in advance for your positive response

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